Finsquared is a public relations collective. We’re built as a virtual agency. Operationally, we’re not impacted by brick and mortar disruptions caused by coronavirus. We gather talent from across the U.S., and serve clients globally.

It’s a new world. How brave can we be?

Traditional PR agencies been disrupted. News cycles have been overwhelmed by a shattered global economy, and dreaded uncertainty. Old messaging, pre-March 15, 2020, won’t work now. You need to react quickly – as quick as any news organization – and you need to prove your value to enter the conversation.

What can you do?

This is a time to reach people directly online. Your audience is unfortunately captive. Open conversation is possible. What do you have to say? The Internet was built for this sort of moment in history, before the first banner ads. Smart PR strategy will recognize that the best branding, and the greatest opportunity for significant media coverage, is to provide honest value in a massive time of need.

What can Finsquared do for you?

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