PR has evolved into a multi-disciplinary practice that requires expertise in a variety of areas. Our strategies and services come together for specific objectives that yield quantitative and qualitative results.

Finsquared is comprised of traditional PR agency veterans, and entrepreneurial public relations professionals, who have developed a better way to conceive, implement, and measure financial public relations strategies and activities.

We’re not constrained by the artificial barriers of a traditional brick and mortar agency. We gather top talent in many disciplines – media relations, editorial, content marketing, digital marketing, social media – to apply to each program.

Finsquared is devoted exclusively to financial public relations. The core Finsquared team has more than 50 years combined experience in financial services public relations.

We have worked with asset managers, asset consultants, portfolio managers, wealth managers, marketplace lenders, elite financial advisors, indexes, online brokerage, financial educators, ETFs, mutual funds, banks, exchanges, financial media networks, fintech disruptors targeting the institutional or retail market, options and futures traders, public companies.

Our physical geographic footprint is confined to the U.S., with offices in Seattle and New York. Internationally, we work with media in Canada, the UK, Asia. We have an affiliate partner in London. We also occasionally access the resources (infrastructure) of a larger, established agency to implement our strategies.

Want to know more? mark@finsquared.com | @markrose | LinkedIn | see the Finsquared blog.