PR in the digital age has evolved into content marketing. Having the ability to produce, package, and distribute quality content gives PR an edge in speeding up the sales nurturing process. - Finsquared

To concentrate our efforts, we operate under this simple equation.

Content creation + distribution = PR for lasting impact

Content can be media exposure, a white paper, blog post, Webinar transcript, video – any digital asset.

Distribution can be a blog, social outlets, newsletter, Twitter or LinkedIn promos, Landing Pages, guest posts at influential media sites – any way the asset is distributed to deepen or broaden audience engagement.

The result of marrying content with distribution should be a consistent generation of quality leads or asset gathering. Also, digital assets have short-term impact and long-term value. Once that asset (content) is created, its value can reverberate through multiple channels (distribution) over time.

PR Leads in Content Marketing

Public relations has essentially evolved into content marketing. PR leads in messaging, commentary, news, ideas, story angles. We constantly produce quality content. Having the ability to package and distribute that content gives us an edge in content marketing that flows through the sales process.

These days, most companies are using an automated sales platform, eg. Pardot, HubSpot, Marketo, Infusionsoft. The results of PR activities – media coverage, by-liners, market commentary – are perfect fodder for Drip campaigns.

We have worked with top brokerages, ETF providers, mutual funds, asset managers, institutional asset consultants – some of the most respected names in finance. We’ve also worked with some fast moving fintech start-ups. We have the ability to merge finance and technology in a way that’s required to effectively reach today’s audience.

Who is right for Finsquared? asset managers | asset consultants | portfolio managers | wealth managers | marketplace lenders | elite financial advisors | indexes | online brokerage | financial educators | ETFs | mutual funds | banks | exchanges | trading and account management advisors | fintech disruptors targeting the institutional or retail market | options and futures traders | public companies | you?

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