Mauldin Warns Advisors at #InsideETFs – You’re Screwed

Inside ETFs 2016

Mauldin Warns Advisors at #InsideETFs – You’re Screwed

John Mauldin at Inside ETFsInside ETFs wrapped up in Hollywood, Florida last Wednesday. Inside ETFs is the ultimate ETF conference, with 120 speakers, 1,700+ attendees. Inside ETFs offered critical macro insights and actionable portfolio strategies from the leading ETF institutions and ETF advisors.

A high point was the Tuesday Keynote from John Mauldin, New York Times best-selling author and publisher of Thoughts from the Frontline, a widely read investment newsletter. Mauldin is one of the most recognized investors, thought leaders and entrepreneurs in the financial industry. His talk about the global transformations in the works was … well, transformational.

His talk about how those transformations will impact advisors and the financial industry was scary.

Excerpt from the Financial Advisor story Mauldin Addresses Investing In Disruptive, Darwinian Age:

“If you are a pension fund trying to get a 6.7 percent return, there is a technical word for it,” financial writer John Mauldin told attendees at the Inside ETFs conference earlier this week. “You’re screwed.”

Financial advisors who can deliver clients returns of 5 or 6 percent over the next decade without taking absurd risks will eventually be rewarded by their clients. “Half of you won’t be in this business in a company that looks anything like the one you are in today,” Mauldin predicted. “Past performance will be based on fundamentals that no longer matter.”

Mark Rose

Founder Finsquared, The New Equation in PR.