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Mark Rose, Founder, Finsquared

Mark Rose, Finsquared

Finsquared is a public relations collective devoted entirely to financial and fintech companies. We get you in the news, raise your profile, and help build your business.

Established in 2016 as an alternative to traditional, brick and mortar agencies, Finsquared has grown into a national network of experienced PR professionals and boutique agencies devoted to #finserv and #fintech.

We serve clients in asset consulting, asset management, banking, blockchain, brokerage, crypto, insurance, wealth management, RIAs, and other areas of the retail and institutional financial ecosystem. Clients range from large, multi-faceted financial services companies to fintech start-ups.

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The Finsquared three-pronged approach to PR

Media Relations is a core competency at Finsqsuared. Clients regularly appear in major media, such as CNBC, FOX Business, WSJ, Bloomberg, Dow, MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance, Reuters, Markets Insider, Barron’s, and influential trade outlets.

Content Marketing is integrated into all programs. We’re journalists, writers, and marketers. Our content appears on websites, blogs, and major media outlets. Our content establishes you as a leader, grabs the attention of the media, and impresses your clients.

PR integration completes the loop of media and content. PR results can be shared on multiple social channels and amplified through marketing. PR integration can build industry authority, generate leads and referrals, and grow your business.

Finsquared principals have 50+ years combined experience with PR agencies and in-house marketing teams. Clients have included some of the world’s largest financial companies, as well as fintech start-ups.

Whether it’s targeted media coverage, original content, or long-term brand building, we produce measurable results for demanding clients every day. We’re partners and advocates for your business.

We’re PR and marketing partners to our clients, working hand in glove to execute a plan to build your business and raise your stature in the industry.

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