Sean Hanlon in Plan Adviser: Add Value With the Personal Touch

Hanlon Investment Management

Sean Hanlon in Plan Adviser: Add Value With the Personal Touch

PlanAdviser logo Sean Hanlon, CEO and CIO of Hanlon Investment Management, weighed in on the “Benefits and Challenges in Centralized Investment Decisions” in a recent story in Plan Adviser.

“Given the pending Department of Labor (DOL) fiduciary rule and increasing litigation risk, there is a growing trend among retirement plan advisory practices to centralize oversight of investment lineup decisions at the home offer, rather than to leave them to the discretion of the adviser,” states the opening of the story.


“Giving up more control to the home office could marginalize the role of the adviser and limit flexibility of the solutions he or she can offer. Advisers are closest to the employer and the participant and know their particular needs … ” says Sean Hanlon.

Sean adds: “Despite less hands-on control, the sales process combined with increased litigation risk, and thus, errors and omissions cost, will likely drive firms to require more designations like the Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) … ”

See Sean’s full comments and the whole story Benefits and Challenges in Centralized Investment Decisions in Plan Adviser.

Hanlon Investment Management (Hanlon) is a (3)38 and (3)21 fiduciary under ERISA, and has acted as investment manager and adviser on hundreds of qualified plans. Hanlon also offers auto enrollment, combined with QDIA (Qualified Default Investment Alternative) allowing plan sponsors to better serve participants.

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