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By Mark Rose

Content creation + distribution = PR for lasting impact

Most finance companies by their nature produce steady streams of valuable content – market research, investment analysis, economic forecasts, etc. This is valuable intelligence that advisors, investors and asset managers crave. How do you get it to them? In the old days (5 years ago) you might send a letter or an email. These days finance companies have myriad opportunities through the web to distribute content that precisely targets their audience. The impact is immediate and long-lasting. Content that lives on the web increases in value over time as it is cross-referenced, searched, and accessed by a growing audience. Most of the time, these distribution channels are free. You need to know how to identify them, access them, and track the benefits.

Welcome to the new financial PR

In this equation (content creation + distribution = PR for lasting impact) the first part, content creation is the most difficult. Can you add value to the conversation about the markets, investing, the economy? If so, it’s valuable to content that could be of interest to the media and your target audience. Then it becomes a matter of packaging and distributing that valuable content.