We Will Not Participate In This Recession!

Josh Brown, CEO, Ritholtz Wealth Management

We Will Not Participate In This Recession!

Say it again. We will not participate in this recession. “Firms that do the right thing in dark times will be rewarded.”  Downtown Josh Brown lays it out for the troops at Ritholtz Wealth Management. “There is no recession. There is only planning for the recovery.” Video below.

Yes, he admits, Ritholtz will be hurt. Nearly everybody in the country, possibly the world, will hurt. We’ll be tested. Through adversity comes growth. And when we come out of this we’ll be stronger. It will be a slingshot. He’s seen it. He knows.

Josh shows several things here that are important:

  • Clarity: The message is clear, the phrase has been set. We will not participate in this recession.
  • Passion: Nobody can accuse Josh Brown of not having passion, practically all the time. Here he ramps it up a couple of notches to fit the crisis.
  • Loyalty: He needs everybody. Nobody is left behind. He has your back.
  • Vision: In the future, we’ll be better off. That makes your work now worthwhile.
  • Commitment: He’s totally in, and he wants you to be as well.

6:52 video. Worth watching for inspiration. Related: The Speed and Severity of This Economic Crisis is Stunning, 3/19.





Mark Rose

Founder Finsquared, The New Equation in PR.