Your Dedicated Fiduciary Launched

Your dedicated fiduciary, Vance Barse, AIF

Your Dedicated Fiduciary Launched

Vance Barse, Your Dedicated Fiduciary®, was ready to launch his business into the stratosphere. Vance was definitely a candidate for the Finsquared Quick Launch program.

Vance Barse, Your dedicated fiduciary, at CNBC headquarters

Vance Barse at CNBC Headquarters, NJ

Since Vance didn’t have a web site we were dealing with a clean slate. We agreed on a 90 day Quick Launch program that included web development, branding, messaging, content development, social media, and media relations. He also wanted to brand his business. Your Dedicated Fiduciary® perfectly expressed who he was and what he wanted, but there were regulatory hurdles, naturally, but Vance persevered.

The site we built,, was designed by Finsquared creative partner one digital farm, online media and design studio. We didn’t want Vance’s site to look like the cookie cutter advisor sites you see out there. We wanted subtle creative touches that appeal to a discerning clientele and distinguish Vance and his personality.

The central focus of the site is the blog, which is the case in every site we build. In finance, especially, the blog is often the only dynamic section of the site – it’s where the organic search engine optimization (SEO) juice lives, it’s where you can gather data on subscribers, it’s where you can engage with your audience proactively and consistently, it’s where you keep sharp with current news.

We see the blog as the nucleus of all communication, especially PR. Vance’s Blog.

Vance is an extrovert (is that an understatement?) and he loves to tell his story. He’s part of a nationwide financial literacy drive and he’s passionate about finding ways to help people of all strata acquire and retain their wealth .

So … he’s perfect for media relations. Vance is now plugged in to influential Trade publications and major media outlets. getting quoted (Google Vance Barse in the “News” tab), developing relationships, being helpful when reporters are looking for background, data, or sources.

Vance is also a good writer, so we worked with Vance on developing content and placing articles in highly targeted trade publications, a good marketing and SEO strategy. We optimized Vance’s LinkedIn profile and Twitter feed, so he’s taking advantage of all relevant distribution channels for content.

Vance has liftoff and he’s on his way into the stratosphere.

Ready for a rocket boost? Check out Finsquared’s Quick Launch. Are you a mature company looking for a longer-term program? Contact us.

Mark Rose

Founder Finsquared, The New Equation in PR.